Identity Protection Task Force (IPTF) is an independent, non-federal, unpaid team of identity protection experts that throughly examines online documentation to better understand the needs and complications of our clients.

Each client received, via mail, a file with a detailed assessment compiled by an identity protection experts. Through our intelligence-monitoring network, we have discovered information pertaining to their personal identities that might be helpful for them to re-evaluate.

IPTF is a service aesthetics piece that functions as an independent, non-federal, unpaid team of identity protection experts from Negative Jam.

IPTF actively searched Instagram for users (clients) tagging photos with the hashtag #DriversLicense or #License. Through these investigation tactics IPTF has gathered 50 clients from over 300,000 submitted photos of drivers licenses that display the clients full name, address, drivers license number, and birth date.

IPTF creates a critical conversation about personal identity in the digital age. With the information collected, we have created individual files that were mailed to all active clients. Each sent packet included an initial letter explaining the intention of the Identity Protection Task Force, an Identity Assessment, information on how to contact IPTF, and a business card to their assigned IPTF Identity Expert Coordinator. Along with the created files, the IPTF hosts an Instagram profile, a 24-hour hotline, and e-mail correspondence to better assist our clients. Active participation from all 50 clients is encouraged, and these outlets allow for the continuous expansion of the project.