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CASE # AC-5625

● She is a drug user, specifically marijuana. This is fact is consistent in her day to day experiences.
● The clothing, music, and way she writes is heavily influenced by urban or hip-hop culture. She likes dressing in that genre.
● Animated cartoons help her express her feelings, moods, and dispositions.
● Owning clothing that is branded is important to expressing her personality.
● She has an affinity for things that were produced in the 1990’s and likes others to know that she is of the 1990’s generation.
● Feeling masculine is important to her. She tends to chose traditionally mascline clothing or accessories to help promote that image.

● Her life has changed drastically in the past few years. It does not seem like she has a large group of friends that she gathers towards.
● She looks to strangers or the general public to express turmoil and find support.

● She is proud of her sexuality and it is important to her that people know that side of her life and accept her.
● She moves from relationships rapidly and appears to not like being single.
● Things move quickly in her relationships and she tends to get very serious. Words like “love” are said within months of knowing someone.
● She tends to not have a specific physical attribute that she is looking for in a partner and are open minded to all types.


● Aside from being proud of her racial heritage it does not appear that she has a deep relationship with any particular member of her family.