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CASE: AC-5870

● She enjoys spending time with friends.
● Music is a big part of her life.
● She is graduating high school soon and excited about the next phase of her life.
● She enjoys Starbucks Coffee.
● She considers herself strong willed and “tough.”
● She identifies with being perceived as feminine. She enjoys “girlie” aesthetics like make-up, clothing, glitter.

● She is a very sociable person. Interacting with friends is a major part of her life.
● It appears that she is an extrovert.

● She does not appear to currently have a partner.
● She does not seem sexually driven or motivated.

● She is very close to her immediate family.
● Her relationship with her mother appears to be very healthy and strong. They both respect one another.
● Her and her siblings talk frequently and they are an active part of her life.