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CASE: AK-1334

● She is a semi-sports enthusiast. She enjoys sports causally.
● She enjoys drinking socially. She is partial to mixed drinks, but will enjoy a beer too.
● She has recently began cooking more and is enjoying her culinary pursuits.
● She likes traditionally “girly” things like shopping, flowers, girls nights.
● She expresses herself through inspirational images.

● She does not seem to have a large group of friends.

● She is currently not seeing anyone.
● She does not seem to be fueled by trying to obtain a romantic relationship or partner.

● Her family is very important to her and has greatly shaped her identity.
● She has a strong relationship with her mother and values the time she spends with her.
● Her and her sister are very close. She considers her sister as her best friend and confidant.
● Her niece and nephew are very important to her. She is proud of their development and achievements.