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CASE # AM-0821

● She has an affinity for culinary exploration and arts. Food is very important to her, and is also a way to connect her with others. She prides herself on having an eclectic palate and enjoy exotic foods.
● Recently, she has emphasized many of her social interactions, family or friends, with being intoxicated. Alcohol plays a significant role in her life and relationships. She believes it defines her kinship and also demonstrates a strong connection with friends.
● Assimilation into American culture appears important to her. Her trips to iconic American locations emphasizes her need to “fit-in”. Her ethnicity or foreign culture leaves her feeling judged. However, her current or past heritage is something that she wants to preserve, but are conflicted about being overt about either her need to assimilate or remain “exotic.”

● Friends are an important part of her identity. She tends to find like minded people who have a high opinion of her, and normally revere her “cute” appearance.
● She tends to surround herself by a lot of people. This might be in relation to her family dynamic, which appears to be filled with many extended relatives.

● Romantic or sexual relationships seem to not be a concern of hers. However, she does seem very occupied with her physical appearance. This might be out of insecurity or because she is trying to attract a mate.

● Family is incredibly important to her, and defines her character in many ways.
● Unlike traditional American families, she has close relationships with her extended family members. Family get togethers seem to fuel a majority of her social interactions, and conflict with other aspects of her personality. (Primarily the need to fit into an American standard.)