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CASE: AR-9352

● Music plays a significant part in shaping his identity. His style and vocabulary is attributed to urban or hip-hop culture.
● Getting intoxicated, especially on Marijuana is important to him and a hobby he indulges in often.
● He enjoys making and sharing food. He tends to eat things that are not healthy, and seldomly makes health conscious choices.
● He has an extensive collection of flat brimmed hats and like to keep them preserved.
● His size plays apart in his persona.
● Partying and having fun are intrinsic to his identity and drive a lot of his social interaction.
● It is important for him to be perceived as successful and financially secure. He is not obsessed with being looked at as overwhelming rich, but he would never want to be associated with having less than someone else.

● He appears to have a nicely sized group of friends, but no one particular friend stands out.
● His actions are enhanced by a group, not dictated by it. Though he indulges in very cliche or typical urban tropes, people do not seem to directly dictate his ideals or interest.

● It does not appear that he currently has a partner or that he is actively pursuing woman by using his interest.
● He does not appear to be someone who objectifies or fetishsizes about woman.

● He is close with his family and appear to have a strong relationship with his sibling(s)
● He is proud of his sister’s achievements and is very supportive.