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CASE #BG-3224

● He is an athletic person. His favorite sport is hockey and he excels at playing. It is important to him that others know this is his passion.
● He works in a financial industry. Money is important to him and being perceived as someone who has a lot of it is a goal of his.
● He claims to not care about others opinions or perceptions but engage in behavior that warrants attention and affirmation.
● He enjoys drinking alcoholic beverages, mostly beer.
● He is an avid video game player. He particularly likes Grand Theft Auto.
● It is important to him to be attractive and in good physical shape. He often compares his likeness to Johnny Depp.
● Many of his style and vocabulary choices are influenced by African-American urban culture.

● He has a substantial group of friends that he spends his time with. His friends are important to him and he enjoys doing things that not only makes himself happy but the group.
● Aside from his group of friends, he does have a best friend. This relationship seems more relaxed and genuine.
● It is important to him to be liked by his co-workers. He seems to respect them and enjoy having fun interactions at work.

● He currently does not appear to be seeing anyone, but allude to the presence of women around him.
● His views towards gender roles, and love are very mainstream. He does not challenge social norms.
● He has a narrow view of homosexuality and often use words like “gay” to be derogatory.
● His needs to be associated with attractive people might stem from the desire to have a partner, but it appears to be more associated with appearing successful then for lust purposes.

● He loves his family very much and they are an important part of his identity.
● Besides his nuclear family, he is also very close with extended family members and sees them often.
● His brother is very important to him, and he takes an active role in trying to be a friend and mentor.