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CASE # CB-9139

● Music influences a lot of his persona, specifically hardcore music. Hardcore music normally has a cultural implication and generates a specific type of community. He seems to be very involved in the hardcore community and is how he would like to be identified.
● He likes to be identified with tattoo culture, tough, alternative, creative, “left of center”.
● Physical appearance is important. He likes to workout and he communicates that often to others.
● Clothing is important to him, specifically catering to the hardcore, tattoo community.
● He likes to meet people he considers a celebrity, like musicians, and it is important that other people know he has met those people.
● Aside from band tee-shirts or his clothing line having nicer clothing and having a fresh clean appearance is something he shows off.
● Collecting records is a routine he often engages in, as well as, playing video games. These forms of escapism however connect him to a community rather than alienating him from it.
● Most of his hobbies, collections, and interest are more of a catalyst to him for a sense of belonging and acceptance by others.

● His friends are a significant source of happiness for him.
● He is not someone who likes to be separate from a group and he needs to be associated with a community.
● The opinions friends towards his actions influences his decisions, from clothing to music, to daily life.

● He is currently not seeing anyone, but his obsession with physical fitness and clothing might be to attract a partner.
● It is not clear which sex is his prefered attraction.

● Family does not seem to take up a significant portion of his time or thoughts.

● Religion doesn’t dictate his behavior or his ideals, but he does identify with being Jewish.