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CASE # CK-7930

● She likes to be perceived as an unique and creative person. She makes things, like crafts or art work to express herself.
● The clothes she wears would be considered unusual. She likes body piercing and tattoos, though currently she does not have any tattoos.
● She used to have an extensive running career.
● Being outdoors is important.
● She enjoys traveling and finds that it shapes her character. One specific trip that she is fond of and reference often is when she went to Nepal.
● Pop-culture heavily influences her aesthetic.
● Even though she does enjoy many alternative forms of physical beauty, traditional standards set by others is still something that is revered.

● Being social is important to her.
● She has a lot of female friends, and spending time with them is important to her.
● Her relationship with her roommates appear to be healthy and strong.
● She has one particular friend from her running past that she is still very close with.

● There are hints that she is in a monogamous relationship.
● Her romantic relationship(s) does not seem to fuel or dictate her actions or interests.
● She fetishsizes beauty.

● She is close to her family and they are an important part of her identity.
● Her sibling(s) are important to her, and she shares a close bond.