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CASE #CM-4754

● He is enthralled with African-American urban culture. He often speaks and writes ebonics for humor purposes. He most likely does this ironically, but is not very sensitive to the implications.
● Humor is important to him. He uses humor to connect with others and express his opinions. He enjoys showing the more ludicrous side of American popular culture.
● He likes expensive cars and deem material possessions to denote success.
● He is a musician and play the guitar often.
● Being creative is important to him and he likes that others know he is a creative person. He believes that he has a sensibility different than most Americans and want to be consider someone who is “cut from a different cloth”.
● He is an avid video player.
● Even though he enjoys pointing out American cultural tropes he tends to engulf himself in them, especially dietary items like Doritos, Mt. Dew, and other items in the same genre.
● He enjoys the television show The Walking Dead and Breaking Bad. He might identify with the characters in the show.

● It does not appear that he has a large friend group or that he has a particularly strong relationship with any one particular person.

● Sexual experience do not appear to drive his personal decisions or interactions. He seems to be indifferent to sex.
● He does not have a partner at the moment. He might be using humor to try and attract a partner, but there is no clear indication of that.

● He does not seem to have a deep investment in his family.