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CASE CW-4521

● The desire to be associated with counter-cultures is important to him and being associated with interest or hobbies that are not engaged by the general public is how he emphasizes that need.
● He often commentd about not giving care to the thoughts of others, but what others think of him does have significance. He prided himself on being able to attract negative opinions from others, especially regarding her choice of facial hair.
● Alcohol and controlled substances plays a large role in his life. It appears to function for his identity in several ways, but mostly can be attributed to escapism, and the need to be perceived as someone who lives an alternative lifestyle to the American norm. He attributes his consistent marijuana smoking and drinking as “letting lose” but he does it more to fit in with the people he wants to be associated with or the culture he feels he should be associated with.
● He considers himself a creative person, and it is important to him that others see him as an artist. (Whether visual arts or musical arts)

● He has a few close friends, and several different sets of friends that he occasionally gets intoxicated with.
● There are a few activities, beside getting “faded”, that he enjoys: spending with friends like fishing or possibly playing/seeing music.

● Lusting after woman is how he spends a majority of his time, specifically woman of the WWE. Since he views himself as inadequate, he could possibly be looking for women who are more dominant than him.
● Aside from a physical relationship, he is not trying to pursue a deep emotional relationship with any one particular female.

● His younger brother is very important to him. He enjoys spending his time with him, and developing his brother’s interest to align with his. His more shallow interests of drinking, drug use, and other “renegade” tropes will easily be nurtured into his brother’s identity.