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CASE # EB-6398

● Material possession are important to him and denote success. It is important to him that others see his material possessions, especially sneakers.
● He likes tattoos but seem to be unconcerned with tattoo culture. He likes traditional looking tattoos that are similar to athletes that he respects.
● He likes expensive and fast cars.
● It is important to him that people know how much he makes and how much he pays for her items, tattoos, and other material possessions.
● He sometimes spend money on things that he cannot afford.
● He enjoys drinking, specifically beer.
● He chews tobacco and are vocal about his use of the product.

● He does not seem to have an extensive group of friends or a deep friendship with any particular person.

● He is committed to one person.
● He does not seem to be driven by sexual interactions and do not have any specific need to pursue sexual relationships.
● He is more interested in material objects than developing relationships.

● He is deeply committed to his family and have a close relationship with his nuclear family.
● He has recently become a father and this has changed his perspective and interest.
● Becoming a father has been exciting for him. It is important for him to show that he is providing for his daughter.