CASE # HM-0192

● She is heavily influenced and driven by popular culture. She fixates on male celebrities and fantasize about being in romantic relationships with them, or that they find her sexually/intellectually attractive.
● Disney characters and culture plays a significant role in shaping her identity. The idea of being childlike or innocent is important to her character. Even though she is growing older she has a tight grip on childlike actions and interactions. She also has a habit of identifying with Minnie Mouse. This obsession with a female character that was viewed as a romantic object without being sexually objectified might speak to her desire to be in a relationship. Her relationship to Disney characters also clearly outlines her lack of readiness for sexual relationships.
● Food and her relationship to food brings her much pleasure and pain. Items like donuts, Starbucks, and other unhealthy treats are consistently fetishized and are constant temptations. Her struggle and indulgence in food is an uphill battle, but also strengthens her will-power as she has recently begun to overcome poor eating habits.
● She often refers to her ethnicity and are prideful of times that she acts “white”. This is a struggle for her as other racial cultures celebrate her current physical appearance.

● Her friends are a significant part of her life. She is a social person, and are very active and invested with the people around her. Many of her interactions are similar and can feel impersonal.

● She idolizes other women who are celebrated for curves and unconventional portions. This indicates that she wants to be viewed by others in a sexual manner, but because of other interest, including her faith, she is not ready for a sexually romantic relationship. It is clear that she is not currently engaging in intercourse, but being in a relationship might be driving her current weight-loss goals.
● Sex is not a significant part of her current life.

● Family is important to her but currently her social life is dominating her relationship priorities.

● Her ideals on faith drive many of her decisions and actions. It is important to her that others know her religious views and beliefs. Currently her faith is a very public part of her existence and she uses it as a talking point, or point of controversy. God is one of her most important relationships, and dictates who she associates with.