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CASE # H0-4022

● Physical beauty is important to her, and she often looks to others for affirmation on fashion, beauty, and other physical attributes. Taking portraits of herself for others to provide feedback is the way she gages how attractive she looks.
● She enjoys simple outdoor activities, and especially with her father.
● Inspirational quotes, poems, and sayings are how she expresses herself to people.
● Letting people know personal facts and situations about her life is how she feels connected to the outside world. Most of her private moments are made public, this could be to overcome them, or to gather sympathy.
● She respects hard work and appreciate when people work hard around her.
● Photography is something she likes to pursue and being perceived as creative is important to her.

● She does not seem to have a close group of friends. Being apart of a group or identifying with a group of people is not apart of her normal social life.

● Breaking up with people is hard for her, and getting passed the pain is a public process for her.
● She wants to be perceived as beautiful. The link between attractiveness and obtaining a mate seems to be strong in their mind.

● Family is important to her. She is proud of her families’ uniqueness and are very vocal about her parents each being significant in her life.
● Activities with her siblings is something that she engages in often and she enjoys.
● She is a supportive family member.