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CASE: JC-2540

● Physical fitness is important to him and he spends a lot of time focusing on vanity. He wants people to see his physical accomplishments and look for affirmation often about his attractiveness.
● He relies on the approval of others.
● He handles his problems very visibly. If he is having a bad day or something is problematic in his life he makes sure to communicate that to people, either for sympathy or help.
● An expensive wardrobe exudes success in his opinion, so he makes sure to dress formally often.
● He loves his cat, he finds a lot of solace in his relationship.
● Guns and gun culture are something that he covets. He is proud of his gun advocacy and are boastful about being a gun owner.
● Smoking, possibly narcotics, is a pastime for him. He active participation in this ritual could be for the effect that it provides, or that is contributes to his need to be viewed as “manly” or “tough”.

● He does not seem to have a close group of friends that he engages with regularly. Spending time with people in groups is not significant form of entertainment for him.

● His obsession with his physical appearance might be an indication that he is interested in attracting a partner.
● If he is seeing anyone, he does not speak of it often, unless it is in cryptic messages or poems.
● The need to express when he is having unfavorable days to the public could be derived from a need to have a confidant.

● His family has recently changed, and he seems to be comfortable with the transition. He embraces the addition of new members and are supportive of their presence.