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CASE # JK-9239

● Physical fitness is extremely important to him. Being viewed as someone who is not only in-shape but someone who excels about being perceived as athletic is pinnacle to his personality.
● He defines himself by having expensive and modern possessions. He believes that obtaining things like new sneakers, or cutting-edge technological devices will make him appear superior.
● It is important to him that he is perceived as playful, clever, and goofy. He engages in practical jokes or staged comedic scenarios often.
● He is highly motivated by being acknowledge for academic or physical achievements. If he does well on a test, receive praise or recognition or have a notable athletic achievement the accomplishment alone is not fulfilling. The praise of others defines his opinion of the success.

● He appears to have a core group of male friends, but spend a significant portion of his time alone. Being competitive with his friends or peers might make these relationships less complicated, but also shallow.

● Because of his emphasis on being physically fit it appears that obtaining a mate is important to him, but he currently is detached from a romantic situation.
● He takes opportunities to point out when woman are being overly interested in him, physically or emotionally. This appears to be insecurity to the fact that he is currently single.

● Family seems to play no significant role in his life. This might be why over-performance and what often seems like gloating are prevalent in his identity.