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CASE #JP-5942

● He is an avid sports enthusiast, especially baseball. He loves going to live games and follows the details of each player on the Baltimore Orioles.
● He is a musician, and it is important to him that others know that part of his personality. He mostly plays Christian rock music.
● He enjoys other major sports like football. He often mocks football players that are contenders against the Baltimore Ravens.
● He enjoys fast food, or other foods that would qualify as junk food. He eats poorly often. He is partial to pizza over other foods. He also drinks a great deal of Starbucks.

● He does not have an extensive group of friends but he is close with the small group of friends that he has.
● He does have a few people that he would consider best friends. They all seem to be female.

● He is in a committed long-term relationship.
● He is very dedicated to his girlfriend and appears to love her very much.
● He feels that this relationship has stood the test of time, even though he has admittedly hurt her or has not always been the best to someone who has stood by him.
● He has traditional views on how women should look and act.

● He is very close to his family.
● He has a healthy relationship with his sibling(s) and thinks that she is a very special and unique person.
● He has strong relationships with his extended family.

● His faith is very important to him and dictates a lot of his beliefs and personality.
● His faith drives his creative pursuits.
● Despite being devote to his religious beliefs, he still does deprecating things to his body, like continuously eating and boasting about food that he knows is poor for his health.