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CASE: JS-0258

● He appears to be a creative person that is heavily influenced by his environment.
● Music is a large component of his life. He DJs recreationally but the activity plays a large role in inspiring his clothing and aesthetic choices.
● If he were to be categorized in a group the name that would accompany his taste and style would most likely be “hipster”. However, his interests do not seem to be dictated by the genre.
● Aside from musical creativity, he is very interested in generating traditional visual art. He enjoys photography.
● He is well versed in the art and music scene.
● He is enjoying living in New York City and it is important that others know he resides there.
● He is a sports fan, and enjoy the Yankees.

● He appears to have a large spanning friend group that reaches across the United States.
● The people he works with are important to him, and are a large component of his friend group.
● Even though he has a large friend group, it appears that he likes more 1:1 or smaller group settings.

● He does not appear to be in a long-term or monogamous relationship.
● Sex does not seem to be something that motivates him or that he is insecure about.

● He appears to have a strong relationship with his family.
● In particular, his mother is someone that he has a strong bond with, he reflects on this relationship more than others.