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CASE # JS-3890

● He is very interested and involved in American drug culture, specifically marijuana.
● Urban culture dictates the clothing he purchases and wears. He likes the idea of being a “gangsta.”
● Displaying his fiscal achievements is important to him and validates his idea of success.
● He associates material possessions with success. He feels that owning name brand items dictate people’s perception of him.
● He enjoys culinary pursuits.

● He cares deeply about his friends and values his relationships.
● It is important to him that people remain true to themselves. The friendships he values the most are with people who have remained genuine since introduction.

● Compared to his associates and friends, he has very progressive views on the role that women play in romantic relationships. Though he does have some antiquated ideas about his significant other (I.E. provider of children, other roles associated to being a “wife”) he has a lot of respect for her position as a mother and wife.
● He is a committed person and have been with the same partner for a long duration.
● He has concerns that others judge his romantic choices and are slightly self-conscious of others opinions.

● He appears to be very devoted to his children. Even though he had had several children much younger than his contemporaries it seems to be something he enjoys.
● Fatherhood appears to be something that he wants to excel at and takes seriously.
● He loves his sibling(s) very much and are proud of them both mentally and physically.
● He has a close relationship with his extended family and many of his cousins are close friends that he has a strong relationship with.
● He does not seem as involved with his parents.