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CASE: JW-1921

● She is an animal lover and currently have two dogs in her life.
● She is an active video game player.
● Taking “selfies” and posting images of herself in provocative poses for affirmation.
● In most social posts, her use specific tagging to capture an outside audience (i.e. #followforfollow, etc.) appears that she has an interest in the opinions or remarks from people who are not in her immediate circle.
● Drinking is something she do mostly for recreation.
● Her diet consists of mostly American cuisine, fast food and different desserts.
● She likes tattoos and tattoo culture, but have seldom herself.
● Words, quotes and pictures posted on social media help guide her opinions and provides her solidarity to her personal beliefs.
● She like cats.
● Recently, she has been more avid about fitness and getting fit.

● She does not appear to have a large group of friends.
● Though most of her actions, interests, and hobbies seem isolated; she does have a few close friends that she has cultivated strong relationships.

● It does not appear that she is in a romantic relationship at the moment.
● Beauty and being perceived as attractive or sexy appears to be important to her. This might be to attract a partner or what helps define her confidence.

● Family is important to her and is a big part of her life.
● She is close with younger siblings and tries to share common interest.
● She had a very close relationship with her grandmother and her former presence in her life had a large impact on her.
● It appears she has a close relationship with her father.