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CASE # JW-7200

● He is very enthralled with Metal music and it is important to him that others are aware of that being one of his interests.
● Cars, especially fast cars, are of importance to him and he often fantasizes about cars that he wants to own.
● He is a cigarette smoker.
● He engages in marijuana smoking and enjoy the implications of drug culture.
● He is a creative person and it is semi-important that people know that about him.
● Tattoo culture and other more radical personas are intriguing to him. He likes being associated with things that are perceived as “dark”, “mysterious”, or dangerous.

● He values his friendships, and were very pleased with the relationships he made in college.
● He does not spend his time with large groups of people and would be consider someone that has few friends.

● He is very in love with his partner and she is at the center of everything he does. He spends the most time with this person and his family.
● He think about sex a lot and are very vocal about his wants and desires.
● He would consider himself a sexual person and possibly adventurous. He has very typical standards when it comes to sexual intercourse, but are interested in a more taboo side. (Bondage, domination, sexual toys, etc.)

● Family is very important to him. He cares about his siblings a great deal.
● The happiness and well being of his sister is a priority to him and she is incorporated into many aspects of his daily life.