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CASE: KA-9393

● He is interested in celebrities, especially women in their mid to late twenties. Actresses like Jennifer Lawrence are important to him.
● He is interested in musicals and other theater productions.
● Fashion and modeling is of interest to him. He likes to look clean cut, and being perceived as handsome is important to him.
● He enjoys skiing and other outdoors activities.

● He has a few close friends that are very important to him.
● He has one particular friend, Julie, who he would consider one of his closest friends.
● Most of his friendships appear to be with females.

● He does not appear to currently have a partner.
● His sexual preference is part of his identity but does not appear to define him. There are a few tropes regarding the LGBT lifestyle that he indulges in, but he stays relatively preferable from the cultural stereotypes.

● He is very close to his immediate family.
● His relationship with his mother is appears to be very healthy and strong. They both respect one another.
● He and his siblings talk frequently and they are an active part of his life.
● He is close with his extended family (nieces, cousins, etc)
● His relationship with his father is undefined and seems to be not existent.