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CASE # KF-0555

● She relies on inspirational quotes to express her opinions and thoughts about herself and the world.
● Being perceived as someone who is creative, different or unique is important to her.
● She is a pet owner.
● She likes tattoo culture, and have many tattoos.
● It is important for her that people know her achievements.
● She used to enjoy alcoholic beverages but over the past two months she has decided to relinquish that habit.
● Her eating habits are pretty standard (pizza, macaroni and cheese, other American culinary tropes).
● She wants to be known for her mental ability and personality but physical attributes are what she displays the most to the world.

● She talks about deep friendships often, but she does not seem to spend extensive amount of time with large groups of friends. Since she recently moved to a new location, she might be having a difficult time finding new, deep friendships.

● She has recently started dating someone and she is taking it very seriously.
● Her thoughts on love and friendship are sometimes conflicting. She finds herself in several male relationships that she would like to keep platonic but the other party has other interest.
● Love is something that is coveted and she tends to rush into having strong feelings. She might not be properly assessing her feelings because of the need to feel “in love”.

● Family is important to her.
● She deals with loss of family members very visibly. Like the quotes that inspire her, or the need for public affirmation, being vocal about loss might be a coping mechanism for darker thoughts or beliefs.

● She is very dictated by her religion. It is important for her that others know her spiritual beliefs, and she does not have a problem being confrontational to defend them.
● She is vocal about problematic situations her life to social circles and then immediately exonerate others participation by saying that her spiritual beliefs will help her cope with the situation.
● She blindly follows religious doctrine and rarely question the real life practicality of those beliefs.