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CASE # LM-3087

● He is an avid sports enthusiast. He has played many sports including football, basketball, wrestling, etc.
● He is a semi-religious person.
● He enjoys tattoos.
● He has poor eating habits and often indulge in sweet items like candy and pastries.
● He drinks often, but mostly socially.
● He enjoys outdoor activities like snowmobiling.
● Participating in group activities is important to his identity and character. He likes being around people and sharing experiences in a team dynamic.

● He is a very social person and group activities are important to his identity.
● He has a lot of female friends.
● It does not appear that he has one specific best friend that he spends time with.

● It appears that he is not currently in a monogamous relationship.
● He appears to have a prescribed notion of what is beautiful about a woman physically.
● His concentration of female friends might be an indication of wanting a more substantial romantic relationship.

● He is very close to his family and their presence in his life is important to his happiness.
● He has a very close relationship with his sister, and supports and promotes her often.
● He has a strong relationship with his extended family.