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CASE: MB-1145

● She is currently living very far from home to work and study in North Dakota.
● She is interested in management of large complex systems.
● She is a natural caregiver and are currently working as an au-pair.
● Weight loss and being thinner is important to her and something she actively has been working on.
● She is a creative person and enjoys drawing.
● Food is an important part of her life but she struggles with the relationship. She is particularly fond of Mexican food.

● She appears to have a very caring and devoted group of friends back in Germany.
● In North Dakota she does not seem to have a strong friend group or confidant.

● She does not appear to currently have a partner.
● She does not appear to be sexually driven.
● She often feels lonely since moving to the United States and this translates into her opinion of emotional relationships.

● It is hard to determine if she is close with their immediate family.