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CASE #MB-1677

• She is very influenced by tattoo/pin-up/rockabilly culture. Many of her tattoos, outfits, hairstyles, and interest are defined by this specific genre. This style is important to her identity because it makes her feel, as in appearance wise, she is an unique individual.
• Coffee, specifically Starbucks, is a staple in her routine. Her addiction to coffee appears to be both comically driven, but also a point of contention since she appears to be focused on weight loss. This overindulgence is aligned with other endeavors that she finds characteristically feminine.
• Style, especially hair styling, is very important to her. She often attributes a successful physical appearance to a successful hair day. She is heavily inspired by hair icons that hail from the Northeast, like Snookie, or other Jersey Shore cast members. This is conflicting with other aesthetics that she fetishizes.
• She loosely enjoy sports. Sports enthusiasm seems counter intuitive to her other interest, but also makes her appear more of a “down to earth” female.
• Weight Loss and gain are a frequent topic of discussion in her life. She promotes the idea that women should be curvy and voluptuous, but also are fixated on losing weight to fit a set of predetermined standards.

• Friendships seem to be a secondary concern next to her interests, routines, career, and boyfriend. She does not often promote or try to develop extensive plans with groups of people.

• It is important to her that people find her sexual or sexy. She often makes people aware of her sexual presence by wearing provocative clothing that accentuates her bust line.
• Her boyfriend is important to her. It appears that she has a solid foundation, but her consistent fixation on her appearance indicates that she is still not secure in the the relationship. She worries that her significant other does not or will not find her attractive.
• Though she claims to find curvaceous woman to be the pinnacle of sexually she secretly longs to be viewed as slender or small. Because she is a curvy woman she portrays that as a sexy quality, but her consistent complaint of weight loss makes statements about curves being beautiful seem disingenuine.

• She values her relationship with her sibling is deep and it is important that people are aware of her bond.
• She does not seem to prioritize anyone else in her family in the same way as her brother.