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CASE #MD-1264

• Physical fitness is important to him. He likes feelings and looking fit.
• He enjoys partying and having fun. Being social is essential to his personality.
•He likes to drink alcohol socially. He does not seem to enjoy drinking alone, it is more to fuel “fun times” with people he cares about.
• Greek life is a large part of his identity. He is/was heavily involved in fraternity and sorority life. This has fueled many of his decisions throughout his educational career.
• He likes to dress fashionable.
• Popular culture, especially Michael Jackson, influences his style, interest, and outlook on life.
•Humor is a large part of his identity.

• He is very sociable and has many friends. His friendships are extremely important and are the impetus of many if not all of his decisions.
• Aside from being apart of large social groups, he seems to have cultivated several close relationships with a few females.
• Most of his friends are white and female. He often points out his ethnicity in playful ways, but has some conflicts with the two worlds he finds himself in-between.

• He very much want to falls in love and be in a relationship. He is very vocal about this need and often use verbiage that expresses his emotional and sensitive side.
• His obsession with physical fitness might have to do with his desire to be in love and attract a partner.
• He has several close female friends, and it appears that he has romantic feelings that stem from those friendships.

• Family is important to him, but he is currently focusing on friendships and group dynamics over family.