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CASE #MJ-3743

• She has a passion for traveling. She has travelled to places all over the world and within the continental United States of America.
• She recently has taken a trip to Bangkok, China.
• Being outdoors doing physical activities is important to her character.
• She appreciates well crafted food and beverages. Finding exotic looking meals or well presented dishes is a hobby of hers.
• She drinks alcohol but it appears that this is more of a social gesture and nothing something intrinsic to her identity.
• Going on lavish adventures and traveling to an abundance of different climates/locations has shaped who she is and how she perceives herself to be within the world.
• She enjoys animals, specifically dogs.

• It appears that she has a small group of female friends that she is close to.
• Her friends do not appear to take part in many of her overseas traveling plans.
• It does not appear that she has any one particular close friend that she spends time with.

• She has been in a monogamous relationship for a number of years.
• She spends a majority of her time with her partner, they are an important part of her experiences.
• Her relationship appears to dominate most of her activities.
• Intimacy and connection to her partner is an important part of her comfort and character.

• She does not seem to be particularly close with herr family.