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CASE: MS-0624

● He is an avid drug user, specifically Marijuana.
● It is important for him that others know how often he smokes, the quantity that he smokes, and the quality of what he is smoking.
● He rarely spends a week, if not a day, not getting high. This might be due to self-described boredom.
● He currently is, or just was a barista at Starbucks. He havs a dueling opinion on his relationship to the establishment. He hates the work, but enjoy a few co-workers and security the position has brought him.
● He collect designer basketball sneakers.
● He is into American Football and are impressed by professional athletes.
● Alcohol is important to him and he enjoys drinking and being intoxicated.

● He has a small group of friends, but are close with them.
● It appears he normally has large quantities of Marijuana, either for personal consumption or distribution. This means he probably has many associates or acquaintances.

● He does not appear to be driven by sexual encounters.
● It does not appear that he is currently seeing anyone and that does not seem to be a priority at the moment.

● His family is very important to him.
● He spends more than an average time with his family members compared to others.
● He has a healthy relationship with his sibling(s).