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CASE: MT-3850

• He is an avid animal lover and own dogs. Animals are important to him and are a constant in his life.
• Physical fitness is important to him. He likes to look good and likes others to perceive him as attractive.
• He enjoys dancing and partying culture.
• Drinking and getting drunk is something he enjoys doing. It appears just socially.
• America is a new experience for him and he is enjoying it so far.

• It does not appear that he has a large group of friends or anyone that he is specifically close with outside of his family.

• His interest in physical fitness might have something to do with wanting to attract a partner, but there are no clear signs that this is something that is important to him.

• He is very invested in his family and they are important to his identity.
• He values the elderly and looks up to his elders.
• His relationships with his sibling(s), especially his sister, is significant to him.