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CASE # MW-6904

● She is an avid marijuana user and find the culture around narcotics to be humorous.
● She identifies with urban cultures and find solace in promoting behavior and style that she believes defines her ethnicity.
● She often says degrading things about the female gender, and are vocal about behaviors that she deems as “whore” like.
● She often consumes American fast-food, specifically sweet items like ice cream, cookies, etc.
● Even though she would consider herself more of a “tomboy” she still enjoys many typical girl activities and want to be associated with standard beauty.

● She appears to have an extensive friend group and enjoy being social.
● She does not appear to have one specific friend that she spends a majority of time with.
● Many of her outings with friends revolve around eating out.

● She does not appear to currently have a monogamous partner.
● She often talks about sex, and sexual situations. The conversations are normally at the expense of the women involved in sexual acts. She finds a lot of humor in women being degraded by men in a sexual role.
● She sometimes take photos of herself sexualizing specific parts of her body.

● She appears to be very close to her immediate and extended family.
● She lost a sister, and that was very difficult for her. Remembering her and her actions is important to her.
● She has close friendships with her cousins.