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CASE: NB-2301

● She enjoys cosmetology. Her make-up, nails, hairstyle change continuously.
● She likes alternative clothing and aesthetics.
● Animal rights, especially for dogs, is very important to her. She is an active in dog rescue and it is an important part of how she spends her time.
● She is interested in tattoos and tattoo culture.
● Nautical aesthetics make their way into her wardrobe, accessories, etc.

● She spends the majority of her time with a few select people.
● Having a large and extensive friend group does not appear to be a significant to her identity.

● She recently got engaged.
● She has been in a long-term relationship for many years.
● Her relationship appears to be monogamous.
● Sex does not seem to drive her physical or emotional identity.

● She has a strong relationship with her dad.
● She do not appear to be close to other members of her family.

● Her spirituality is important to her and is definitive to how she sees and perceives the world.