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CASE: NL-8942

● He is very interested in automobiles and motorcycles.
● He is someone who works with their hands.
● He enjoys casual drinking, specifically beer.
● He has an obsession for energy drinks.
● He often finds himself bored and look for outside means for entertainment.
● He enjoys outdoor sports like fishing and trap shooting.

● He does not appear to have a large circle social circle.
● He has a few intimate friends that he shares his time and interest with.
● Most of his friends have similar passions to him. (I.E. Fishing, Cars)

● He appears to be in a monogamous relationship with one particular female.
● Recently he has not been spending as much time with this particular female. The relationship may have concluded or have an external circumstance for the distance.
● He has a self-proclaimed complicated relationship with women. He often thinks that they are not easily understood or irrational.

● He appears to be close with his family, but there is no one family member that stands out.
● He really loves his family dog.