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CASE: NM-9323

● He enjoys playing and watching sports. Her main interest is football and baseball. He played football for a large portion of his high school career.
● Smoking, both tobacco and marijuana is something he enjoys. He is partial to smoking flavored cigars.
● Even though he is physically active, his eating habits are poor. He mostly indulges in fast food, and has an affinity for Starbucks beverages.
● He is musically inclined and like to play the bass.
● He likes tattoos, and have several tribal tattoos.

● He has a few close friends that are very important to him.
● Because he was involved with team sports, he appears to be someone who likes to be surrounded by like minded people.
● He has a few very close friends, specifically two girls. Kristen and Kacey.
● He also seems to covet his friendship with Kura.
● Most of his closest relationships appear to be with females.

● He has conventional views about sexual desire and a female’s physical appearance.
● Romantic settings and situations are something he thinks about.
● He likes to do romantic gestures for female friends. (i.e. gifts, cards, etc.) This might be due to romantic feelings that he applys to the friendships.

● He does not appear to be close with his family aside from his dad.
● He and his father have similar interests.