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CASE: NR-7771

● He has recently graduated from a medical program and has begun a new job.
● He has recently moved, along with started a semi-new relationship.
● He likes to travel.
● Possibly because of moving, school and a relationship, he has had some recent money troubles and has found herself needing more money.
● He enjoys baseball.

● It does not appear that he has an extensive friend group.

● He is in a committed relationship. He is very in love with his significant other and they dictate a lot of her decisions, behavior, and interest.
● He has a traditional view of relationships and sex.
● He was in a previous serious relationship that ended badly.

● His family is very important to him.
● He experienced some type of loss in his family (possibly friend) circle and that still weighs heavy on his mind.
● His relationship with his mother is very strong and he respects and loves deeply.

● His faith is very important to him and defines many of his life decisions.