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CASE: RS-3930

● He enjoys art and like to draw. Most of his drawings are figurative and cartoon inspired.
● Clothing is important to him. He dresses contemporary and his style is influenced by urban/hip-hop culture.
● Taking “selfies” and posting images of himself in provocative poses for affirmation.
● In most social posts, his use of specific tagging to capture an outside audience (i.e. #followforfollow, etc.) appears that he has an interest in the opinions or remarks from people who are not in his immediate circle.
● Drinking is something he does mostly for recreation.
● Words, quotes and pictures posted on social media help guide his opinions and provide his solidarity to his personal beliefs.

● He appears to have a small and limited group of friends.
● Most of his friends are female.
● He spends a decent portion of his time by himself.

● He does not appear to be in a committed or monogamous relationship.
● He has a male dominant perspective when it comes to how women should be have or act in a romantic relationship.
● He speaks about women in highly sexualized and often demeaning ways.

● His family is important to him and he spends a good deal of time with them.
● He has a larger extended family and he sees them semi-often.
● He loves and respects her mother.