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CASE: RT-5927

● She is a self proclaimed Starbucks addict. She enjoys purchasing expensive beverages often and this ritual is part of her weekly routine.
● She has an obsession with celebrities and praises them for their attractiveness.
● She wants to be perceived as a creative person. She likes to draw.
● She often uses inspirational quotes to communicate how she feels or what she thinks.
● It is important to her that people can see her personal growth, specifically her physical growth.

● She has a nice size friends group that is very active. Her friends are important to her. Her interactions with them dictate her actions, demeanor, etc.

● She is currently not seeing anyone. A romantic relationship does not seem to be a priority for her.
● Her obsession with attractive male celebrities might be skewing her perception of relationships.

● Her family is an active part of her identity and it very important to her.
● She has twin sister. She is a strong presence in her life, but she wants to ensure that others associate her as her own person.