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CASE #SB-4591

● She is proud of being from the south and she has conservative views and politics. She often shows off the confederate flag and give little to no context of what it represents to her aside from possibly southern pride.
● She is very concerned about her physical appearance and what others might think of her physically. She has been working hard to be trim and fit.
● She takes a lot of photos of herself, and she highlights the parts of her body that she wants others to notice.
● She likes to draw and make things. It is important to her that others view her as creative.
● She is an avid drug user, specifically marijuana. She likes that people know she smokes pot and do it often.
● She considers driving big cars as part of her identity. She likes being known as a small girl that drives a big jeep through the mud. She likes the attention that she gets from the juxtaposition of a small girl in a “man’s” car.
● She likes being associated with activities that are historically “southern” activities. (I.E. chewing tobacco, truck driving, guns, etc.)

● She does not appear to have an extensive group of friends that she spends time with.

● About two months ago she was in a long term relationship. The breakup was hard for her.
● Recently she has started seeing someone else, it seems to have gotten very serious quickly. She likes the attention he provides to her and are happy with the current arrangement.
● Her obsession with her physical appearance, paired with sensual photos might be an indication of her need to be desired by the opposite success. This is also supported by continuously pointing out the more “manish” qualities of her personality to seem more down to earth and interesting.

● She does not appear close to any one particular person in her family.
● Family does not drive her decisions or interest.