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CASE # SJ-7591

● Physical fitness is an obsession of his. He prides himself on his physique and it is important that others view him as a fit, healthy person.
● Gym culture is intrinsic to his current identity. He feels guilty if he misses even a day from his gym schedule.
● He likes to be perceived as someone who is successful, and success to him means material possessions and physical attractiveness. He likes for people to see that he works hard for his money and he likes to spend his money on things that are considered lavish.
● His car is important to him, and makes it look its best. It is something she spends a significant amount of time on.
● American football, especially the 49ers, is something he enjoys and pay close attention to. He enjoys being apart of any typical “male” associated behavior that has a community based around it. (I.E. Football, Wrestling, Baseball, Weight Lifting, Car culture)
● He has conservative ideals.
● He is a gambler, and prefers poker. This makes sense in combination with his other interest because it is a group activity.

● He does not seem to have an extensive group of friends, but he does have a small intimate group of people he spends his time with.
● Friendship is important to him but the perception of others around him, including strangers, is more significant to him than people who would love and support him independently of his possessions and physical appearance.

● He has a very typical perception of what females should look like and how they should behave. He does not challenge the social norm of what beauty is or could be.
● He has spent a significant amount of time with the same partner. This has either perpetuated his ideals on woman, or has nurtured his current opinion of how women should be perceived.
● Recently it seems that he is not as connected to his partner and that they might not be as intrinsical to his life as they might have been a year ago.
● He has no problem objectifying women.

● His family is important to him and is a constant in his life.
● He is close with his immediate and extended family.