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CASE# SL-9721

• She is an active person and enjoy doing things outdoors.
• She considers herself an athlete and that is an important component of her personality.
• Her sexual orientation is same-sex, but this does not define her personality.
• She considers herself a romantic person and enjoy romantic gestures.
• Urban clothing and culture influence her aesthetic and style.
• She enjoys drinking socially.

• She does not appear to have an extensive social circle.
• She appears to play team sports, and these interactions might supplement a closer group dynamic.
• She spends a majority of her time with her significant other or family members.

• She is currently in a monogamous relationship.
• She takes her commitment very seriously.
• She is very open and proud of her sexual orientation.
• The idea of being in love is very important to her and she ensures that she is trying her hardest-
to make romantic gestures.

• She is very close with her family, especially her mother.
• Her extended family is important to her and she spends a lot of time with them.