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CASE: SM-5250

● He does a lot of independent activities like playing videos games. There are aspects of these interactions that have collaborative qualities but he tends to treat game play as a solo endeavor.
● He is interested in hip hop and other urban trends.
● Collecting sneakers is important to him.
● He considers himself a creative person and like to show his talents to people in his social circle.
● He likes tattoos and tattoo culture.

● He does not appear to have an extensive friend group.
● He does not appear to spend his time with singular friends.
● His involvement with video games might serve as his predominant social outlet.

● He seems to fetishsize beautiful and congenitally attractive women.
● He does not seem to be driven by attracting a partner.

● He does appear to be close to his family.

● His spirituality seems to be a key component of his identity.
● It is important for him that others know his religious beliefs, to the point where he has them tattooed on his body.