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CASE: TB-3815

● He enjoys dancing and have been dancing in groups for several years.
● He has been employed at Hot Topic for more than a year and very much enjoys his position. He works hard at his position and it is important that others recognize his hard work.
● He is currently in school, and are not finding it to be the social atmosphere that he anticipated.
● He is an avid video game player and much of his style and identity is dictated by that and his current employer.
● Looking and being perceived attractive is important to him. He often looks to others for validation of his appearance.
● He is vocal about his feelings, especially if he is going through a hard time.

● Recently it appears that he is spending more time alone.
● He is not driven by a particular friend group and it appears that he does not have a specific confidant.
● He is most likely close to the people he dances with.

● It appears he is currently single but very much want to be in a relationship.
● He was previously in a past relationship that he is not entirely over. It is unclear if he misses the companionship or if he misses the person.
● He has a very clear idea of what love should feel like and he expresses that often to others.
● He feels that the females in his current location are not a suited match for him because of either religious or social beliefs.

● His family is important to him.
● His strongest relationship appears to be with his mother.

● He is not a religious person, but definitive opinions about the abundance of religion around him.