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CASE: TM-1700

● He prides himself in being an athletic person. Especially basketball. He believes that he could have played other sports if he was allowed, but are pleased to announce that he excells at basketball.
● Physical fitness is important to him and he likes for others to notice his progress.
● Music, especially drumline, is very important to him. He loves playing the drums and the collaborative environment that marching bands/drumlines provides.
● He is also very interested in football, specifically college football.
● He likes showing off his material possessions that align to his interest. (I.E. new sneakers, sports equipment, drumline accessories.)
● He is really excited about going to college, and have worked very hard to receive scholarships and awards that have contributed to that success.
● He believes that he is a creative person and like for others to know of his perceived artistic ability.

● He does not have a large friend group, but he is close to the friends he has.
● Part of the appeal to team sports and being a musician is the group dynamic.

● He is currently single but has demonstrated that he is interested in finding a partner.
● His persistence with physical fitness might also spawn for his desire to attract a partner.
● He has several female friends, and it appears that he harbors romantic feelings for a few of them.

● His family is important to him. He is close to his siblings and have a lot of respect for his parents. He appreciates the dedication and time from his family and attributes his success to their diligence.
● He is connected to his extended family and sees them often.

● He is a spiritual person. This is an important part of his relationship with his family, but his spirituality does not dictate the decisions he makes in his life.