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● He is currently living in Colorado but it is important for people to know that he is originally from the West Coast.
● He collects sports apparel. To him it defines success and aligns him to an urban persona which is important to him.
● He is currently working at a supermarket, and really enjoys his co-workers and job.
● He enjoys watching and following the WWE.
● He enjoys eating out but mostly Starbucks and other fast food like chains.
● He has recently spent time in the hospital. He does not enjoy this but he has to go often.
● He is excited about his upcoming graduation. This is a milestone for him and his family.

● He seems to have a lot of female friends.
● He does not have an extensive group of friends that he hangs out with, but he feels close to the friends he does have.
● He is well liked by his co-workers, and he appreciates them in his life.

● He has recently started seeing someone, and the relationship is moving at a fast pace.
● He seemed more driven by personal appearance than he does by sexual relationships.

● He is very close to his family and they are very important to him.
● He is connected to not just his nuclear family but to his extended family.
● He spends a good amount of time with his siblings’ children.