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CASE: ZR-6278

● Recently his health, fitness and diet have been a priority to him.
● He has been more into engaging in exercise and really enjoys football.
● He is an avid sports fan and enjoys many Chicago based teams.
● Taking “selfies” and posting images of himself for affirmation.
● He is a pet lover and have an affinity for dogs.
● He enjoys going to the movie theater. Comedies and action movies appear to be his favorite genres.
● He find himself more attractive and physically appealing since he has started playing teams sports. He tends to be self-deprecating towards his younger self.

● Most of his friends appear to be his teammates.
● He appears to have several female friends.
● He does not have a large group of friends but appears to be close and value the small group that he does spend time with.

● He does not appear to be in a committed relationship

● He has young parents.
● He is very close with his mother and has a strong relationship with her. She recently moved and that has been hard on him.
● He also has a good relationship with his father.
● His biological parents appear to be separated.
● He has a close relationship to his grandparents and they are very supportive of you.